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Send load to the Philippines

The Philippines has one of the largest numbers of mobile users in the world and it is also home to prepaid subscribers. Apart from sending SMS and making phone calls, prepaid load is also used to access the internet. Millions of Philippine subscribers use their mobile phones to access websites, including dating sites and apps. Different packages are offered by telcos in the Philippines, which make it slightly cheaper to use the net for a considerable period, i.e. one day, two days, or even a week. Some of these packages allow unlimited access to the internet, specifically certain popular apps such as Viber, Line, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Today, people overseas can send load to the Philippines with a simple click of a button.


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How Does it Work?

Philippines-Load is an online store that sells prepaid credits to anyone in the world, so they can send load to their friends, relatives, and significant others in the Philippines. The process is quite simple. The buyer visits the website and selects which network their recipient's mobile number is under, and choose the denomination of the load. The prepaid credits are sold in 12 different denominations, starting from 15 Pesos up to 1000 Pesos. The shop offers load for all major mobile networks in the Philippines such as Globe, Touch Mobile (TM), Sun Cellular, Talk N Text (TNT), and Smart. It is basically a one-stop shop for prepaid credits for all Philippine mobile phone users. The correct and complete mobile number of the recipient should be entered, then the buyer can proceed with paying for the purchase. Customers can use two mode of payments, which are Pay by Mobile or PayPal. This allows sending load from anywhere, even while on the go. Once the payment has been confirmed and accepted, your recipient will get the load and can start using it for SMS, calls, and even surfing the net.


Why Send Load?

Being able to keep in touch with a loved one is an invaluable gift to anyone. Not only will it provide convenience to your girlfriend, sibling, or spouse, but it also shows a great deal of initiative and thoughtfulness that is becoming a rarity these days. While you cannot send fresh flowers on a daily basis, you can certainly send load any time without any hassle. You loved ones can keep in touch with you without any added cost to them. Sending load to the Philippines is now made easy, cost effective, and practical.